Design/Programming services

Engineering is how great projects are executed. Our company believes that every project is great, and must be executed with accuracy. Electronic systems are not, one size fits all, and a small change can create terrible outcomes. We understand this, and we stress this to our clients. Our installation team approaches projects with this mindset. Knowing this, we actively design projects before any installation; this will reduce project cost and increase striking budget targets. Daily we encounter many of our clients, which may have similar needs; rarely do any of our clients share the exact same expected solutions. Designing speaks to clients proposed installation deployment type, residential to commercial proprieties, all with different safety codes and regulations’, designing takes all that in to consideration.

Commercial System

Digital integration & design, we deal with Residential and commercial systems and each one are designed with only that end user in mind. It is correct that the systems use the same gear, but in many different ways. System design is about understanding how a system should work before it is needed to perform.

Team Work

Our design team utilizes the core of our business, “technology” to create and design systems with state of the art resources. By immersing ourselves in the workings of your project, we design to create an amazing outcome. We see the cables that need to be in place. We see the distances that we have to cover, and any obstructions that may hinder success. We bring passion and expertise to your projects, residential or enterprise.

Better Expansions

We take great time in foreseeing the equipment and connections that will be used, as well as implementation and planning for future expansions. We take the idea of understanding the nuts and bolts to a hold new level. Before we deploy a project we know, how it works, and we are ensured that it works. This is all to deliver expectation before any installation has been deployed.

Steve Jobs

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”