About Us

Who We Are

Digital integration & design is a creative and professional business that operates in the Atlanta and surrounding areas. We have been integrating systems for clients for over 7 years. We are the provider of a/v electronic products and services to a diverse range of residential and business users. We pride ourselves on our creativity in designing, deploying and servicing a/v systems for Atlanta most discerning clients.
We are unique in offering the latest entertainment products, designed for custom installation. Our product offerings are about bridging the technology gap, uniting end users and the ever changing technology market place. Our staff has over 10 years of expertise in the field and we implement a company requirement that all staff engage in continuing factory training, along with manufacture certification.
We specialize in Automation, Home / SMB Networking, Home Theater design and installation, and Surveillance systems. With numerous configuration options, Digital integration & design’s collective shop approach saves consumers time and money, eliminating the frustration of, multiple contractors and price shopping. Our approach is to design our systems first, ensure expectations and then deploy the solution per the customer’s request. Utilizing digital resources, along with human interactions, combined with previous equipment usage, we work to exceed expectations for our customer deployments.
Plain and simple we plan our installations first! Our business model insures that every installation is implemented with a faster installation time, less damage to the site and higher installation success rates. We support any customer installed system, regardless if we installed it or not! Our knowledgeable staff is very diverse and has years of in-depth training and onsite expertise. As you approach your next lifestyle enhancement, we would hope that you Consider Digital Integration & design to over exceed your expectations.

Our Mission

To share our passion for improving Your Quality of life, through innovative technology, one person, one family and one business at a time.